Powder House (01)

Powder House (01)


postcard, claypowder, pigment

Part of a post academic residence. The sculpture was developed within a research about shared places in the community of Runkst (Hasselt-Belgium). It is made between architectural and social researches.

"You have to take some time to find the most beautiful object in the exhibition. It shows us how the spaces we share have a sustainable character (in material, in their history, memory, etc. ). But it is fragile at the same time in its continuous change."

"Het mooiste object in de tentoonstelling, moet je even zoeken. Het toont hoe de ruimtes die wij delen een duurzaam karakter hebben (materieel, maar ook geschiedenis, herinneringen etc), maar tegelijk fragiel en voortdurend in verandering zijn"

- Liesbeth Huybrechts     

Associate Professor

ArcK research group, Faculty of Architecture and Arts, University of Hasselt, Belgium