Artist Statement:

Jessie Georges grew up in a bilingual surrounding. Subtle differences in tradition and ways of thinking are visible and observed. Used objects have a memory. They carry fragments of history: of its use, its user, the surroundings in which it exists. They are a piece of reference for our cultural memory. 

By constructing an image or sculpture with those objects as media she translates a Western cultural thinking and the way it changes trough time. Perception, handling perception and how it evaluates in time are fascinating to her. There is always something that stays elusive and incomprehensible, that stays open. Making work with this concept, she offers a possible narrative, a new possible story for the viewer to fill in. 


2022: Limburg Biennale Marres, Maastricht, NL

2022: The 14th biennial for contemporary textile art Scythia, Ivano-Frankivsk (online), Ukraine 

2022: ‘Palimpsest’ group exhibition organised by YOC, Galerie Dessers, Hasselt, Belgium

2021: ‘The moving still’, Hasselt, Belgium

2021: Kunzthuiz ‘Fabels’, Hasselt, Belgium

2020: The 13th international biennial for textile art ‘Scythia’, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

2020: ‘Reconstruct’, PrideArt Ateliers, Berlin, D

2020: ‘Intersectional’, PrideArt Ateliers, Berlin, D

2019: ‘Klein Sculptuur’ kunstwedstrijd, ccZwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg, BE

2019: ‘Gaze’, Stadsavond, Hasselt, BE

2018: ‘Haddig’, PXL-MAD, Hasselt, BE

2018: ‘The End-Show’, The School, Hasselt, BE

2018: ‘Where How’s’, The Hole, Brooklyn, N.Y. (U.S.A.)

2017: ‘Reunion’ symposium Bloomsburg University Gallery, Bloomsburg, PA. (U.S.A.)

2017: PXL-MAD for symposium ‘Clay Matters’, Hasselt, BE

2017: Opening exhibition, The School, Hasselt, BE –        

2017: ‘Nasty Women UK’ en ‘Filiart’ symposium, Londen, U.K.

2017: ‘Eighthwonder: law of identity’, 44AD Gallery, Bath U.K.

2017: ‘Outside the House’, Northbrook, Il. (U.S.A.)

2016: ‘Copyright is a myth’, Bree, BE

2014: ‘Wildvuur’ kunstbakens, Wellen, BE

2014: ‘Traces’, Tongeren, BE

2014: EXIT tentoonstelling, Waterschei, BE

2013: GYM tentoonstelling, MAD-fac, Hasselt, BE

2013: ‘Souvenir’ MAD-fac in het oud kerkhof, Hasselt, BE


2020: ‘The Mass’ online magazine, p. 41-46, May, U.K.

2020: Ideas Block, Covid19-Creative Outlet, May, Vilnius, Lithuania

2020: Psychasthenia Art and E-book, May, U.K.

2020: 2m²square net, online exhibition, May, U.S.A.

2020: Covid Art Resource , May, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

2020: Kunstwerkt: Kunst in quarantaine, May , Belgium, May, Belgium

2020: Kunstwerkt: De keuze van Hadewych Becuwe, April, Belgium

2020: Kunstwerkt: De keuze van Maen Florin, April, Belgium

2019: Masterscript ‘La Mue’ Célia Rorive, June, Belgium

2018: Beeld: De keuze van Sassafras De Bruyn, April, Belgium

2017: Beeld: De keuze van Michaël Borremans, October, Belgium

2017: ‘Not Random Art’, p. 24-33 , September, U.K.

2017: ‘Passie pensioneert nooit’, October, Belgium

2017: Wotisart magazine, August, U.K.

2017: A5 magazine, August, U.S.A.

2017: homeaway-fromhome, April, Italy