Ways To Embrace (composition 5)

Ways To Embrace (composition 5)



‘Ways to embrace yourself’ is a series of one minute sculptures made during the worldwide lockdown for the COVID-19 virus. Millions of people are experiencing isolation and physical restrictions at the same time.

In the series ‘Ways to embrace yourself’ I explore the relationship with myself and with objects I have at home. In this time of physical restriction I am searching for the consequences of being isolated. One minute sculptures is an evident medium to do that. The series is ongoing through the lockdown-period. When looking at one separate picture the embrace is visible. When a number of pictures are accumulated in one frame they hold a certain dynamic, it becomes rhizome choreography: like a chaotic dance or a fight. With this image I am referring to the mental influence that this lockdown can have on people.

The digital compositions are per object (scarf, box, chair). Physical compositions are always unique and composed of pictures from the 3 object-series.